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I am in such a happy vibe today/this evening, I usually am, but you know how it goes;-) some days, one feels even more full of good vibes then normal, probably something to do with the postioning of the moon, who knows.Anyway, and moving swiftly on~~~I am enjoying my A/L until the new year, so while busy, I am on holiday.sorts;-). I will be wearing a new pair of electric blue kitten heels, my new retro 50's style pale blue bodysuit and.that is all really.

Shannon is a slim size 8, blond hair, tight pussy,big tits she loves the attention of more than 1 man .

Merry Christmas Kisses Meganxxxx You can't please everybody, do everything, be everywhere and you can't give everyone your time. The older we get the more we realise and the blessings in knowing it help us to act on it and grow. It’s not quite the same with Mr A's tribe and this year we're all meeting for Christmas lunch at a restaurant nearby. Due to Mr A’s dysfunctional immediate family – siblings that don’t get on, inappropriate brother in law, ex-wife who likes a tipple too many, it’s always best to have Christmas on neutral ground and prepare for the unexpected. To be honest, a couple of hours together is about as long as we can guarantee a peaceful Christmas.

Think of it as a posh Jeremy Kyle without the tattoos and better dental care. Kat x Less than a week until Christmas the shops are crazy , I have only bought one present so far!

Wendy has a butter soft skin with a very tight delicious pussy with soft nipples.

mal took charge of milk while i rammed wendy, even up till now im still turned on by wendys touch. Thanks guys for a lovely night xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*at Is Daves Slut (48), Couple on by Meeting in person: Visited this couple today at their home very easy going made us both feel very welcome.

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