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Citizens still loudly celebrate Perm's birthday on 12th of July, with street parades, concerts and fireworks throughout the whole city!In spite of being a relatively young city, Perm played an important role in the colonisation of Siberia.Museums The Perm Art Gallery boasts a large collection of arts.Apart from numerous paintings of Flemish, French and Italian masters, it also has modern art collections on exhibition.One of the most famous stages is the Chaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre Perm.Among its repertoire are internationally known performances (for example Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra, Aida, Cinderella) as well as Russian ones: most works of Berchadsky, Dzerzhinsky and Chaikovsky have been staged here.The Soviets did an excellent job in hiding Perm and keeping it secret.

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Perm stretches 65 kms along the impressive Kama River - Europe's 4th largest river by length.The museum's collection is among the very largest ones in Russia.The museum is located in a former cathedral, now a landmark of Perm in the centre of the city.The multicultural character of Perm also shows in its dining possibilities; one does never have to go far to experience the Russian, Uzbek, Georgian or Caucasian cuisine.In spite of its multicultural character, Perm is “ Russian till the bone”.

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