Heather and josh altman dating

He commented, “It might make me even more of a gangster of real estate.” The two also gave a first look at their nursery.

When Renee complimented the parents-to-be about their ability to make it all look so easy, he answered, “It’s been pretty easy for me.

Madison reaches a career milestone with his first double-digit listing, and attempts to make a buyer — a picky client of Josh's — fall in love with the property.

Meanwhile, conflict between Josh and Chad explodes.

Malibu Condo Queen Lydia Simon needs to plan a wedding and sell a condo for top dollar.

In Hollywood, married super agents Dia and Ray are eager to unload the family home of a lonely daughter who needs to cut the ties.

In Malibu, Carol Bird tries to sell a horse estate and recording studio for a world famous violinist.

I’m not going to lie.” “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” is back on Bravo later this year.

Heather Bilyeu grew up in Las Vegas, but her aunt lived in Laguna Beach, California.

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