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On the Dull Men’s Facebook group, which has more than 500 members, a man from Cincinnati, Ohio recently posted a photo of his feet with the caption, “The glorious feeling of new socks!

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Among candidates for profiles are a fellow in New Mexico who leads the Barbed Wire Collectors Hall of Fame, a man who has made the history of timekeeping his life’s work in Washington, D. and a guy from Colorado who has more than 1,000 vintage washing machines.Seeing the club’s increasing growth has been almost too exciting, according to Carlson.“There are really people from all walks of life, and all ages.There’s a website packed with articles on “dullites,” a shop featuring club swag and a calendar with various meet-ups in England and the U. along with celebrations of things like National Pencil Day.Carlson says it’s remained a men’s group because he considers women “too exciting” (although those that appreciate dull men aren’t turned down).

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