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-JJ Just thought I'd post a possible solution to this problem as I believe it might help others with a similar problem. Click Update Folder. Hope that helps someone and allows you to keep Cached mode enabled for Shared folders.I had a similar issue with a secondary mailbox that wouldn't update for a specific user, but other staff could see the email in the secondary mailbox. On the user's Outlook I have made sure Cached Mode is not checked.I have renamed the OST for users and reloaded Outlook created a new OST I have created new profiles and reloaded Outlook to the new profile.

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It took me a while to realise that only the "Appointments" calendar was failing to Sync.I created a new "Appointments2 calendar which appears to work normally".Update your question with as many details and steps that you've already taken and we'll keep plugging away at it.What happens is Outlook generates too many connections to the server while attempting to cache the mailbox.My suggestion is to disable caching for the shared mailbox.

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