Rocsi dating bruno mars

from Lisa Raye Mc Coy‘s 40-something-year-old (now) ex-husband Michael Misick, to 46-year-old Raphael Saadiq, to now, 51-year-old Eddie Murphy.

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Rocsi Diaz age is merely 33 and she surely will be attaining a lot more fame, name, and money in the years to come.

Born Rocsi Diaz age is 33, as she was born on the 17th of November, 1983. Rocsi Diaz age was very small when she moved to America with her family.

She has also openly stated that she suffered from anorexia as a child.

She joined in as a DJ on Power 92 WPWX-FM before starting off her successful career on television.

Rocsi Diaz net worth has grown over the years because of her contributions to the television sector.

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