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Our staff will setup everything you need to get started. Amber stood at the top of the stairs, the noise from downstairs sounded loud and excited.She new what was going to happen, only that morning she had signed a contract, a contract originated by her husband Don and her sexual abuser Ray.She signed to say she agreed to be complicit in further adventures, sexual adventures.

Amber looked into his eyes seeing the same lust she herself was feeling, yes sir she gasped yes.He slowly moves behind her, bend over slut spread your legs as she did he sank to his knees and peeled her thong down her thighs inch by inch; further gasps come from her watching audience.Her smooth, shaven pussy is finally exposed, giving the men a tempting glimpse of the glistening swollen wetness between her legs, he pulls her arse cheeks apart, darting his tongue into her holes, licking slowly, slipping it inside her, teasing tasting.exciting her body.The older of the two men sensed her needs and begins to stretch her cunt lips opening her wider, three four fingers enter her then he starts to slowly use his fist at first stretching her sliding his thumb alongside his fingers ensuring her maximum pleasure bringing her to new hights until she begs to cum, he is responding partly to Ambers needs, but more so to the delight of his audience by fisting her faster almost half his forearm disappears up her eager twat.With two fingers stuffed up her arse and the fist pistoning into her stretching her wide, her breath quickens she orgasm massively cumming all over the mans hand and wrist meowing with pleasure.

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