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The Jordanian man who got a British tourist arrested in Dubai for touching him on the hip did it in order to show off, campaigners believe.

Jamie Harron, 27, from Stirling, is facing up to three years in jail in the United Arab Emirates after being accused of public indecency earlier this year.

His parents Graham and Patricia (pictured) have told how they cannot sleep with worry and have ruined themselves financially trying to get him justice Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Ms Stirling said: 'He [the accuser] was saying things like "do you know who I am?

"'His friends told him to drop the case, saying that it had gone too far, but he didn't.'Mr Harron was arrested three months ago and released, but has been trapped in Dubai ever since because his passport was confiscated.

He said the experience has left him 'broken emotionally' and facing a £32,000 legal bill, while his father Graham has urged tourists to avoid the city.

Jamie Harron, 27, is facing three years behind bars in Dubai for public indecency.

'Since Jamie was arrested, I have researched and found that this is more common than any of us think.

'It is unacceptable the FCO actually promotes the UAE to British tourists.'Jamie added: 'The whole thing is like a horrible dream and I just don’t know when it is going to end.

But his accused was 'not mollified' and demanded police arrest him.I thought it would be over by now but it feels like it will never be.'I am lucky I have friends to stay with but this has broken me, financially and emotionally.'If Jamie is sentenced to prison, he faces human rights violations and torture.The English High Court has ruled against extradition to the UAE based on the 'very real risk of unfair trials and torture' but the UK government has refused to increase warnings, largely due to their financial and diplomatic ties with the UAE.'Both Jamie and his family are anxious for him to be back home in Stirling as soon as possible.'His case follows that of Edinburgh plasterer Billy Barclay, 31, who was released this week after being held for trying to swap a £20 note, which he did not know was forged, at a bureau de change in Dubai.

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